Sunday, May 23, 2010


Long after the discussion , planning and arrangement schedules , an institute came up for providing quality marine education to the mariners who wish to join merchant ships as a Deck Officer.I would proudly name the said Institute "RAHMAN COLLEGE OF ADVANCED MARITIME STUDIES AND RESEARCH"

"T. S. RAHMAN" situated at Nhava, PANVEL, RAIGARH DISTRICT, MAHARASHTRA , provides the post sea course for third deck officer under the licensed authority of PANAMANIAN MARITIME AUTHORITY. The above mentioned college is taking all the possible measures to improvise the study pattern by giving the practical exposure and the case studies related to the various aspects of navigation and emergencies encountered at sea. The college is providing all the required knowledge and information by audio visual means so as to make the students more confident in handling the real life situations out at sea. I appreciate the way the college is taking up the study approach, I wish good luck to the entire team of the college administration and lecturers who have put in all their efforts to make the course a success.
I advise the nautical students and career aspirants to join the course and run on the path of success in maritime business.

Thanks & Regards

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Panama COC recognition by shipping companies


In today's environment of 'acute shortage of the seafarers worldwide'; apart from the massive seafaring countries like India , China , Phillipines etc. some other countries also are taking remarkable, convenient and reliable steps to promote quality sefarers by means of their administration's procedures of the examination and certification of the seafarers from foreign countries.

Panama, Liberia, Georgia etc. are some of the contries who are open for the foreign seafarers certification under the authority of their respective administrations. Although the assessment and examination process of theses administrations are a bit easier than the other renowed administrations, these administrations are considering particularly the practical aspect of the seafarers onboard training and the seatime gained by them over a period of time.

This kind of examination and assessment is certainely going to be the better one to maximize the number of the experienced and quality officers in the world wide shipping industry.
Now these administrations have started conducting the twelve to sixteen weeks classes of the competency exam students. They are trying hard to educate these students by providing a handsome amount of the theory, practical and audio - visual training on various subjects of competency courses. This initiative of such administrations has really resulted in the shift of the experienced seafarers from the crew members pool to the Competent Officers Pool thereby reducing the pressure of officers shortage in the industry. This shift of existing crew members in to competent officers has also opened the path for recruitment of the new entrants to the sea which in turn will definately reduce the pressure of acute shortage of seafarers in the worldwide shipping industry.

However, measures to employ these Panamanian, Liberian and Georgian COC holders shall be taken by the major ship manning companies based on the industry value of their certificatons. Otherwise the efforts put in by such administrations and students will go in vain and moreover the students will remain unemployed which will again cause an inverse effect on the seafaring industry.